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Youth Protection Training Renewals

Many adults are renewing their Youth Protection Training (YPT) in preparation for rechartering. Here are some important tips:

  1. Make sure you are taking the mandatory, NOT the recommended lesson plan.
  2. There are four mandatory modules. Take a screen shot of each module completion, preferably with a timestamp if possible.
    • Overview and Policies v2
    • Sexual Abuse v2
    • Bullying v2
    • Certification Test v2
  3. Once you have taken a screen shot of your module completion, DO NOT CLICK NEXT. Instead, exit your browser window and start the subsequent module “fresh” from the “Mandatory YPT Course” screen.
AB506 Requirements

California Law (AB506) requires youth-serving organizations to take certain steps to protect children. ALL registered Scouters with Greater LA Scouting need to complete the State’s Mandated Reporter training and complete a background check. Visit for step-by-step instructions. 

Here are some tips for success in completing the California Mandated Reporter Training:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account, using the email where you want to receive your certificate
  3. Check spam folder for account verification email, in case you do not see it in your inbox
  4. You will be offered multiple versions of the course (e.g., “General Training”, “School Personnel”, “Medical Professionals”, etc.) – Select “Volunteers”. If you have previously taken one of the longer versions (e.g. School Personnel), you do NOT need to take the Volunteer version; simply upload your current certificate
  5. Volunteers are not mandated reporters by state rules, but Scouters ARE mandated reporters per BSA policies
  6. You will NOT be required to take an exam – the course will automatically skip it
  7. Once your certificate is emailed to you (again, check spam) please upload it

Here are some tips for your LiveScan appointment:

  1. You must take Greater LA Scouting’s Live Scan Form with you. The form’s Privacy Notice will explain how the data will be protected. Make sure to use the Greater LA Scouting’s Live Scan Form, as it includes the council’s routing information for your background check.
  2. You may use the State’s Website or the Live Scan Website to find a location nearest you. According to the State’s Website, some of the least expensive providers in the South Bay (no endorsement intended) are:
    1. Red Door Investments in Gardena
    2. US Mail Plus in Torrance
    3. 1 Airport Testing in Lawndale
    4. UPS Store 5824 in Carson
  3. CALL AHEAD and verify hours and fees. The website is NOT up to date. Note that some places may require an appointment.
  4. Fees will include $17 for the Federal check and a fingerprint rolling fee, generally $20-$40. There may be an additional fee for using a credit card. Ask if you can save by paying in cash.
  5. Save Your Receipt. If, for some reason, the State finds your prints unsatisfactory, return to the original vendor, who should “re-roll” at no additional charge.

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