Welcome to Camp Card Sales!

The Greater LA Scouting is happy to offer our camp card sales fundraising opportunity.  Camp Cards are discount cards that provide purchasers with numerous discounts. This opportunity is excellent for Scouts to earn their way to camp.  The fundraiser runs from the spring to early summer.

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What is the Camp Card Sale? 

The Camp Card Sale is designed to help Scouts earn funds to offset the cost of their Scouting experience. Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5.00) for each $10.00 Camp Card they sell.  

What makes the Camp Card a Great Fundraiser? 
  • Price Point – The consumer gets their money back after redeeming the coupons 
  • Customer Value – The Camp Card is worth much more than the cost 
  • Easy Logistics – Easy to distribute, require little storage space and are not labor intensive  
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