Policies and Procedures in the Camp Card Guidebook

Card Distribution
The initial number of cards distributed to each unit is based on the unit’s size (active scouts) and past camp card campaign sales.

Sales Commission
Units collect $10 from buyers for each card sold.  Units retain $5 of the sale price and give $5 to the council. 

Additional Cards
Additional cards are available once a unit has sold at least 75% of the cards it has previously taken delivery of.  Units are expected to deliver $5 for each card sold before they can take delivery of additional cards.

Return Policy
It costs the council more than $0.50 to produce each card.  We ask that units split the cost of unsold cards they take delivery of.  Units will be charged 25 cents for each unsold card.  Units need to sell just a few cards to cover the cost of unsold cards.  All card sales after that are pure profit for the unit.

Returned cards must be in new condition Including the Snap off Discounts.  The cards must be counted by the Unit prior to dropoff with the Unit Coordinator. The UNIT is RESPONSIBLE for any unreturned cards (lost, misplaced, damaged, etc.) Be Sure Scouts and parents treat each card as if it were a $10.00 bill. With this change we ask Units to be mindful of their card orders.

Payment Info

Units earn half of total sales proceeds.  Units must return unsold Camp Cards, the council portion of the sales proceeds, and the charge for unsold cards in full by August 15, 2024. Payments for sold cards will be accepted online or at our service centers. Invoices will be mailed the following week, but payments must be made before August 1st to be eligible for Camp Card Prizes.  The Camp Card Support Team reserves the right to refuse a product that has been damaged or rendered unsalable.

Recognitions Policy
Scouts will only be eligible for highest level achieved. Every Scout who sells 20 cards will receive a camp card patch. Items will be rewarded after August 15, 2024. 

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