Where Can I Get:

  • Flyers
  • Recruiting Banners
  • Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Cards
  • Social Media Geofencing
  • Help, Peachjar Help

I Need Help With:

  • Creating a Program Plan
  • Starting a New Unit
  • Starting a New Girl Unit
  • Starting a New Scout Reach Unit

Need Answers to the Following Questions?

  • How can I book my recruiting location, such as a school?
  • How does the member registration process work?

  • Where can I find my membership growth target?
    Get the thorough rundown on how to use BeAScout

  • Where can I find my membership growth target?

  • Where can I get training for my adult leaders?

I have a Lead From:

  • An organization that would like to start a new girl Unit.
  • An organization that would like to start a new Scout Reach Unit.

Contact your Unit Resource Coordinator

Director of Field Services

Imelda Duenas

Area Leadership Manager

Melissa Bueno

Area Leadership Manager

Maricela Orendain

Area Leadership Manager

Hannibol Sullivan

El Camino Real Unit Coordinator

Estela Chicas

Exploring Coordinator (Part-Time)

Breanna Espinoza

Metropolitan Unit Coordinator

Francisco Ochoa

Pacifica Unit Coordinator

Charlie Sheen

Pio Pico Unit Coordinator

Cameron Summers


Abigail Fuentes

Rose Bowl Unit Coordinator

Alfredo Chavez

San Gabriel Valley Unit Coordinator

Marissa Stanley

Visit Membership Resources page and click on the Recruitment Materials Order page link to submit your request online

Who is my District Membership Chair?

Council Membership Chair

Sergio Huidor

El Camino Real Membership Chair

Estela Chicas

Metropolitan Membership Chair

Richard Narumi

Pacifica Membership Chair

Marie Corr

Pio Pico Membership Chair

Virginia Wetzel

Rose Bowl Membership Chair

Alfredo Chavez

San Gabriel Valley Membership Chair

Maureen McLaughlin