Standard Operating Procedures


Ensure compliance with the Local Council National Camp Accreditation requirements for all short-term camps by providing a systematic approach to the submission and approval of the Council Authorization Form.

1. Event Committee Selection
  • The Event Committee is responsible for selecting a date and location for the short-term camp, adhering to the criteria for short-term camps (overnight programs lasting 72 hours or less with a common staff or program).
2. Collaboration Between Staff Advisor and Short-Term Camp Administrator
  • The Staff Advisor collaborates with the Short-Term Camp Administrator to initiate the Council Authorization Form.
3. Non-NCAP Accredited Property (Non-Scout Property)
  • If the chosen location lacks NCAP Accreditation, a mandatory site appraisal is required.
  • Contact the Camping Department to initiate the site appraisal process.
4. Submission of Local Council Authorization Form
  • The Staff Advisor or Short-Term Camp Administrator submits the completed Council Authorization Form and other necessary information.
  • Ensure that the Short-Term Camp Administrator reviews the planning process with the Event Chair, Coordinator, or committee, emphasizing adherence to NCAP standards.
  • Once the above steps are completed, the Short-Term Camp Administrator must sign Part A, certifying compliance with Short-Term Camp Standards.
  • Click Here for the Council Authorization Submission Form
5. Processing by Camping Department

The Camping Department receives and processes the Council Authorization Form, reviewing the event and requesting additional information if needed. Upon completion, the Camping Department signs the Scout Executive or Designee line of the document.  A copy of the processed form is sent to both the Staff Advisor and the Short-Term Camp Administrator.

Approved Signers:

  • Landon Burtchell
  • Matt Thornton
  • Bob Kurkjian
6. Approval Process
Once processing is complete and the form is approved, the event committee is authorized to proceed with planning and operation, including posting the event on the public website.
7. Event Open Compliance Check
  • Events open for registration without an approved Local Council Authorization Form will be shut down.
  • Registrations will be suspended until the proper submission and approval process is completed.
  • Additionally, the Short-Term Camp Administrator must complete Part B of the Council Authorization Form and submit it via the submission link for filing by the Camping Department.

This standard operating procedure is the established process for all short-term camps under the Short- Term Camp Guidelines. All stakeholders are responsible for adhering to this procedure to maintain compliance with the Local Council National Camp Accreditation.

Click Here for the Local Council Authorization Submission Form
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