Welcome to the Eagle Project Process

Over the past few years you have advanced through the ranks of Scouting.  You have all along been on the road towards Eagle, the pinnacle of the Scout ranks.  Only 4% of scouts become Eagle.  This is a select company of Scouts. 

The road towards Eagle includes a service project.  Requirement #5 of the Eagle Scout Rank Requirements begins as follows:

“While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community.” 

This service project is otherwise known as the Eagle project.  Completing this is your opportunity to shine by using your leadership skills to create and leave an impact on the community.  The Metropolitan District Advancement Committee will guide you through the steps of the Eagle project process.  This process starts with the preparation of documents so you can present your project proposal to the Advancement Committee for approval. 

To Begin See These Documents & Links

Eagle Project Approval
Carefully read and follow the instructions from which you will prepare four documents for the Advancement Committee. 

Accessing the Eagle Rank Application Form
Send this to your Scoutmaster.  Have your Scoutmaster download your Eagle Rank Application Form.  Save this form as you will eventually need it when preparing your Eagle binder.

Send the Eagle Rank Application Form PLUS the four documents to the Advancement Committee bsametroeagle@gmail.com.  You will need to send:

  1. Eagle Rank Application Form
  2. Manpower Plan
  3. Material list
  4. Sketch/Diagram
  5. Workbook Proposal Section

After the Advancement Committee receives and reviews these five documents you will be sent an invitation for a video call to discuss your project proposal.  During this call, have an adult such as one of your parents present with you to comply with BSA youth protection policy.  He or she can be off camera.