Here are some listings of (Non-Council) activities for local Units.

The Arboretum offers a variety of programs for both Cub Scout and Girl Scout groups. In these fun, interactive programs, we will explore the gardens and learn about environmental stewardship while fostering empathy for all nature’s creatures. Programs include gardening, science, the legacy of trees, outdoor art, environmental education, guided tours, evening garden explorations, and overall outdoor adventuring to complete goals towards different badges, with unique activities available for each age group. Customized programs are considered and available on a case by case basis. Programs fulfill badge requirements only- Physical badges are not provided.

For Ventura-based aquatic adventures, Island Hoppers has several options, a simple day trip to multi-day island camping is possible. I did multi-day to Santa Cruz during the summer, and the Scouts enjoyed the activity.

Fort Tejon State Park offers many living history events throughout warmer months.

Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen has a number of programs, but the colonial event may be of interest.

Visiting a WW2 ship can be either the Lane Victory or the Iowa here in LA, or the Midway in San Diego.

Planes of Fame Museum traditionally hosts a big airshow in May, but a date has not been announced, but museum is open for static displays as well as hosting flying demos monthly, here is a Saturday demo of WW2 Zero.

Fleet week is a celebration of the Navy, but other services are represented, air show, demonstrations, ship tours, etc. It’s free to attend except for parking. Friday is the best day to attend if possible. It’s located in the Parking lot of Iowa ship.

Los Angeles County has youth sailing opportunities, both winter and summer programs are offered.

Paddle-boarding at Marina Del Rey or Malibu

Youth sailing opportunities in Marina Del Rey.