Camping at Trask

Escape to Trask Scout Reservation: A Hidden Gem in Monrovia Canyon! Nestled just moments away from the urban hustle and bustle, Trask Scout Reservation beckons you to experience nature’s tranquility. This camp’s extraordinary location imparts a sense of embarking on a distant wilderness journey, despite its proximity to the city. Amidst the camp’s serene ambiance, the only interruption to the quietude is the gentle murmur of a year-round stream meandering through its grounds. With city lights absent from the horizon, the night sky becomes a canvas of stars.

Indulge in hearty meals within our inviting dining hall, take a refreshing plunge in the pool, gracefully row across the serene lake, engage in captivating campfire programs at the amphitheater, delve into the exploration of the historic fort, and put your skills to the test at our well-equipped shooting ranges. Embark on an adventure like no other and discover the myriad offerings that Camp Trask has in store for your Scouts.

Trask Calendar of Events