Camping at Trask

Trask is a gem tucked away in the Monrovia Canyon, minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Camp’s unique location presents a feeling that you have journeyed many miles to reach its wilderness setting. The silence in Camp is broken only by the sound of the year-round stream, which flows through Camp. In the absence of city lights, you can see the stars at night. Enjoy eating in our dining hall, taking a swim in the pool, rowing on the lake, participating in campfire programs in the amphitheater, explore the fort, and test your skills at the shooting ranges. See what Camp Trask can offer your Scouts.

Important Notice

To all our Scouting family and friends, Camp Trask has provided clean potable drinking water for over 40 years following State and local rules regarding constant monitoring and testing. It has met standards for MCLs and water quality. Due to state requirements, the Trask water system design needs to be upgraded to meet a current detention time standard; we are currently correcting this design issue so that we continue providing our customers with quality water. Until then, please bear with us, we are asking that when you visit Camp Trask, you bring your drinking and washing water to camp. If you should have any questions, please contact the Camp Rangers at (626) 351-8815

Bottled water should be used for all drinking (including baby formula and juice), brushing teeth, washing dishes, making ice, food preparation, and bathing until further notice.

Trask Calendar of Events