Scouting Award knots

Scout knots tell the story of a strong Scout program. They represent achievement, heroism, leader training and outstanding service to youth. When you meet an experienced Scouter, you will know them by the knots on a uniform. These are the Scouters you can count on.

Scout Knots, Greater LA Scouting

One way to look at these awards is whether they are earned or nominated. There are those knots that a leader earns, (i.e, you apply for them) and those that a require a nomination (i.e., someone else recognizes you). Metropolitan needs YOU to nominate your peers who make the program go.

Who Lifts Up the Metro District?

Metropolitan District Awards It is the time to think about the Scouters who make our District go. Who goes beyond their own family of scouters and lifts up our district? Who makes a demonstrable difference in how Metropolitan Scouting grows. These awards seek the recipient. That means submission is done by someone else on behalf of the recipient.

Confidentiality is paramount. Nominations for these awards should be sent to Diane Gilmore (for review by a committee of five Metro Past Silver Beavers) Please email Diane Gilmore

Young Scouter Award

This award recognizes young adult Scouters who continue to provide leadership and guidance to their units and Metropolitan District after the age of eighteen.  Click Here for the Metropolitan District Young Adult Scouter Award Recommendation Form.  Please submit to Diane Gilmore

District Award of Merit

This award is a dark blue patch with a silver knot?  A Scouter does not apply for this knot.  The award seeks the recipient, i.e., your District peers think you are making a difference in the quality of scouting in your district. Typically, this means you are outstanding in your role or you go above and beyond.  Click Here for the Nomination Form for District Award of Merit.  Please submit to Diane Gilmore

Silver Beaver Award

This is a Council level award. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award recognizing outstanding service to youth in our Council is the a white on blue knot, this award is bestowed at the Council Annual Dinner. Councils are allotted a limited number of these awards each year. Please note, our Council uses a form that is different from the National form.  Please submit to Diane Gilmore no later than October 10, 2022.  Click Here for the Silver Beaver Award information page and nomination form.

P.S. Additional pages of information maybe part of these forms, however, letters of recommendation are frowned on as they tend to break confidentiality. Questions? Call Diane at 310-628-2993.

Other nomination and earned award forms can be found Here on the Greater LA website.

Earned Applications, such as Training Awards, are sent to William Safranek