Geofencing to Support Membership Growth

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What is a geofence?

A geofence is essentially an ad that’s posted as an event on a organization’s Facebook page. It’s a calendar invite that Facebook will send to users within certain geography. None of our leaders has a Facebook page, but many of our parents do. Can they geofence from their personal Facebook account? Geofencing has to originate from an organization page.

Does our unit have to have a public-facing Facebook page to take advantage of geofencing?
If you want to take advantage of geofencing and don’t have a public-facing page, see our “Council Sponsored Geofencing Request” form.

Does it cost anything?
Geofencing is technically free, but to really be effective, you should pay for a “boosting” option. Boosting is paid advertising, but often for as little as $1/day, you can push your ad to thousands of prospective families. If you’d like Council to pay for geofencing, see our “Council Sponsored Geofencing Request” form.

Does every Facebook user in the area see my event?
No, Facebook uses algorithms to tailor ads to their community. If you are building your own geofence, you can use the “edit audience” options to suggest the genders, ages, and special interests who might be most likely to respond to your invitation. The average age of a Cub Scout parent is 41.

This sounds great! Can I use geofencing in place of flyers, banners, and personal invitation?
Geofencing isn’t a silver bullet—it’s just one tool in your toolbox. You should keep reaching out to families in multiple ways. Are there other uses of geofencing beyond membership growth? Sure! As you get more adept, you can use geofencing to promote money earning activities or service projects.

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